Find, Fix, Fill your Leadership Gap

Find, Fix, Fill your Leadership Gap

by Candice Gottlieb-Clark, Author & Founder/CEO of Dynamic Team Solutions

Even the most talented and well-meaning leaders have blind-spots. Gaps in their awareness impact teamwork, create conflict, lead to a loss of talent.

As a consultant brought in to resolve these issues, I was given unprecedented access to people and information. Through my role in helping teams and leaders  to resolve their internal issues, I became acutely aware of the Leadership Gap.

Find, Fix, Fill Your Leadership Gap will enlighten any leader to their gaps, provide strategies for repairing past damage, and teach skills that secure a healthy and successful future for the leader, their teams, and their company.

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Candice Gottlieb-Clark

Candice Gottlieb-Clark is a renowned business advisor, leadership coach, conflict management specialist, and the founder of Dynamic Team Solutions. Her passion and expertise for helping businesses raise the level of their functionality, teamwork, productivity, and performance are boundless.

As a sought-after speaker and thought-leader, Candice has delivered programs and keynotes to both local and national audiences, and she has been published in numerous business and professional journals, including Business Insider and Forbes.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Candice and her family now enjoy the wider expanses and outdoor activities of living in Broomfield, Colorado. In her free time, Candice enjoys cooking, hiking, snowshoeing, and taking long walks with her husband.

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