Even the most talented and well-meaning leaders have blind-spots.  Gaps in their awareness impact teamwork, create conflict, lead to a loss of talent.

As a consultant brought in to resolve these issues, I was given unprecedented access to people and information. Through my role in helping teams and leaders  to resolve their internal issues, I became acutely aware of the Leadership Gap.

Find, Fix, Fill Your Leadership Gap will enlighten any leader to their gaps, provide strategies for repairing past damage, and teach skills that secure a healthy and successful future for the leader, their teams, and their company.


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Candice Gottlieb-Clark is the foremost expert on workplace relations. She is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Team Solutions, a national firm specializing in improving organizational environment and culture. With a background in Counseling, and as an architect of healthy workplace relations, Candice has spent nearly two decades supporting businesses and leaders by designing programs that build inspiring leadership, collaborative teamwork, productive communication, and effective conflict management and resolution.